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10 Free & Cozy Infinity Scarf Crochet Patterns

The temperature continues to drop here in Minnesota, and it becomes very necessary to keep warm. Infinity scarves are awesome and a super great way to style up your winter attire. Check out these 10 Beautiful, Cozy, and FREE Infinity Scarf Patterns!

10 Free & Cozy Infinity Scarf Crochet Patterns | Cowl | Free Patterns | Crochet | Scarf | Infinity Scarf | Chunky | Lace | Winter | Fall | Warm | Yarn

Alpaca Textured Infinity Scarf

Isn’t this just beautiful?! I love the texture of this gorgeous scarf by Deconstructing Jen. She recommends using an Alpaca yarn to make it super soft.

Yenni Fringe Scarf

Add some fun to your scarf with fringe! This simple infinity scarf by Little Monkeys Crochet is a great way to stay warm with a stylish accent.

The Kimberly Scarf

This infinity scarf by Cute As A Button Crochet uses a beautiful shell like stitch to make a gorgeous texture.

Crochet Plaid Infinity Scarf

Plaid can be made with crochet. It’s a really cool technique and Whistle & Ivy shows you with this and many other patterns!

Plumberry Infinity Scarf

Plumberry Infinity Scarf | Cowl | Free Crochet Pattern | Winter | Easy | Simple | I Love This Chunky | Chunky Yarn | Quick Patterns | Beginner | Stylish Scarf | Women's Scarf | Soft

I loved making this beautiful scarf! It uses a fun cross-over double crochet stitch, which add a simple, yet sweet texture.

Jumbo Puff Stitch Cowl

The puff stitch has always been one of my absolute favorites! If you’ve never tried it, this pattern by All About Ami is perfect for your first puff stitch project. It comes with a great photo tutorial! And it looks super warm and cozy!!

The Ribs & Ridges Scarf

Another pattern with gorgeous texture is this beautiful scarf by The Friendly Fox!

Marshmallow Infinity Scarf

I’ve always loved a big chunky scarf. Here’s a super warm and cozy scarf by Hopeful Honey!

Braided Infinity Scarf

This beautiful scarf uses a really cool technique that is shown by The Snugglery with photo tutorials. It uses one long crocheted piece to make a braided scarf. How cool is that?!

Sweet Cream Infinity Scarf

Sweet Cream Infinity Scarf | Free Crochet Pattern | Cowl | Cute and Cozy Crochet | I Love This Chunky | Hobby Lobby Yarn | Sand Frost | Beautiful Scarf | Easy Pattern | Beginner

The Sweet Cream Infinity Scarf is one of my all time favorite patterns that I’ve designed. It is simple, yet textured. And the color is beautiful!

So there you have 10 free and cozy infinity scarf patterns! And they’re all FREE! Enjoy & Happy Crocheting!

10 Free & Cozy Infinity Scarf Crochet Patterns | Cowl | Free Patterns | Crochet | Scarf | Infinity Scarf | Chunky | Lace | Winter | Fall | Warm | Yarn

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