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5 Household Items to Use in Crochet

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I can’t tell you how many times I have lost stitch markers. A couple years ago, I bought a pack of 50 stitch markers and ended up losing almost all of them within 2 months. Yes, I know…I have a huge problem.

That’s not my only problem, though. I’m also super cheap. Well, I prefer frugal. I don’t buy things unless I feel that they are necessary. And I don’t find many things necessary. Growing up poor made me a professional muddler.

So some things I have refused to buy are yarn winders (though I definitely should have one considering all the yarn I have), a yarn bowl, poly-fil (I do buy it, but sometimes I run out), and storage containers for my yarn (here are some amazing storage boxes my husband got me for Christmas!)

But, like I said, I’m a professional muddler! I’ve learned to use every day items to organize, make, and store my yarn and projects. And I’m so excited to share 5 household items I use in my crochet.

Here are 5 frugal and useful household items to use when crocheting your next project or storing yarn.

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Paperclips can be used as stitch markers!

I think everyone has some paper clips in their house, right? I find them in my junk drawer and sock drawer (weird, right?!). These make GREAT stitch markers!

Paperclips can also can be used to pin thing together. Not the best, but they do work.

Hair clips

Hair clips keep your yarn from unraveling.

Believe it or not, hair clips can be used in many ways when working with yarn. Just like paperclips, they can be used as stitch markers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in need for a stitch marker and all I could find was one of my girls’ hair clips. And it worked!

Bobby pins can be used as stitch markers

The other way I’ve used hair clips with my yarn is to keep balls from unraveling. If you clip the end yarn to the wound yarn, it will stay together and not unravel! Seriously, this is a great and inexpensive way to keep your yarn together.

Yarn scraps

Yarn scraps can replace poly-fil.

Ok, so this isn’t a household item unless you are a yarn addict. Which means that it is definitely a household item for me. ?

Whenever you are trimming edges of a project, be sure to keep all of your yarn scraps. These are perfect for when you need poly-fil, but don’t have any! Yarn scraps can be used to stuff amigurumi projects, pillows, and anything else that you might otherwise need poly-fil for.

Cereal Bowl

Cereal Bowl instead of a Yarn Bowl, but for the same purpose.

A cereal bowl can be a great replacement for a yarn bowl. It will keep your ball of yarn from rolling away while you work with your yarn. No more kids or kitties or puppies playing with your yarn when all you want to do is crochet!

Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags are always useful.

Ok, this may seem a bit obvious, but Ziploc bags are great for storing small items and separate them. I currently have a quart-sized Ziploc bag in my yarn basket that is filled with poly-fil.

Since I buy my poly-fil in bulk, I hate having it all over the place. I’d rather just take a little out and put it in a small bag to use with my project. Just refill it when you need more! It’s that simple.

So I hope you found this list useful! I love being able to help people find ways to make their projects easier. You don’t need to drop a bunch of money to keep your yarn organized or complete your projects efficiently.

Happy Crocheting!

Here are 5 frugal and useful household items to use when crocheting your next project or storing yarn.

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