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How to Wash Yarn Skeins

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Hi Crochet Friend!

Today I am going to help those of you who like to shop at garage sales or hate the smell of certain yarns or forget to pick up yarn that was left in a fish and chips headquarters and got super fishy. Ok, that last one might just be me…

Anyway, I have a video tutorial here for How to Wash Yarn Skeins. You can read the directions below and then watch the video for a step by step tutorial. I hope this is helpful!

If your yarn has ever been super stinky or dirty, this video tutorial will help get it clean and fresh. It works for dirty or smelly yarn due to dirt, mud, cigarette exposure, or other environmental factors.

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Materials Needed:

  • One pair of cheap knee high or thigh high pantyhose/nylons (they can be old ones with runs in them)
  • Up to 4 skeins of stinky yarn
  • Washing Machine and Dryer
  • Laundry detergent (I like Tide)

Written Tutorial:

1. Find pantyhose or nylon (knee or thigh high work best)

2. Remove paper labels from yarn.

3. Without unraveling, shove yarn into nylons (up to 4 skeins)

4. Wash in washing machine in cold water on gentle/delicate or hand wash cycle (check yarn label to make sure you have the right temp and cycle)

5. Dry on extra low/delicate or air only dry (again, check yarn label to be sure)

6. Remove yarn from nylon and enjoy!

Simple steps, right? If you’d like a full tutorial, you can check out the video below!

How to Machine Wash Yarn Skeins

Thank you for watching my tutorial! Happy Crocheting!

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