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10 Health Benefits of Crochet

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During these uncertain times, now is a better time than any to learn to crochet. But with all the stresses that come with our daily lives, the last thing we want to do is add more stress, right?

This really is why I want to encourage you to crochet. It does so much for your mental health! Here are 10 health benefits of crochet:

Disclosure: I am in no way a heath care professional, just a woman who has dealt with her fair share of anxiety and depression. If you have serious mental health issues, please consult a physician.

Stress buster!

I’m stressed a lot. It’s inevitable. I have 4 kids 5 years old and under, my house is never clean, and no matter how much I try, I will never have perfectly plucked eyebrows. Ok, that last one might be a bit vain, but it does stress me out!

Sitting down with my yarn and hook and working up a few rows or even stitches, can help push that stress away. It gives me a sense of calm, and encourages me to remember that this busy life I have is a gift.

Relieves Depression

After my second child was born, I was miserable. The only time I was happy was when I was holding her. Other than that, I cried, I slept, and I didn’t eat. My world was crashing down around me.

I don’t tell you this to gain sympathy. It’s to encourage you, because after months of struggles, starting medication, and doing therapy, the thing that made me really happy was starting my blog.

Learning to design patterns and crochet every day was so good for my mental health! And I’ve learned that whenever I’m feeling down, I just pick up my hook and work some stitches. It helps immensely!

Side note: Life changes are essential. That is where crochet and blogging came in.

Keeps your hands busy

Who else is addicted to her phone? Goodness! I HATE IT! But one thing that gets me off that terrible little time sucker is to turn on a podcast and crochet! What a joy that is!

Delays Dementia

Now, this is cool! Similar to music, crochet can actually slow down signs of dementia! It exercises the brain and keeps it from getting weak. Now that is an awesome benefit!

Doing things for others

My sophomore year in college, I had a harsh period of depression. It was so rough, and I confided in my dad, because he was my safe place.

Though he had never dealt with the level of depression I had, he told me that when he gets down, the best thing for his mental health is to do something to help someone else.

This has always stuck with me. And this is why 95% of my crochet patterns are designed with someone else in mind. It makes me happy.

Sense of Accomplishment

Oh, that feeling when you finish a project! Am I right? It feels SOOOOOOO good!

Learning Patience

A couple weeks ago, my sister-in-law told me that the reason she rarely crochets is that she isn’t patient enough. This made me laugh!

I am one of the least patient people on the planet. Seriously. I claim the reason I keep having babies is that God really wants to teach me patience!

But when I’m crocheting, I let go of that part of me. I patiently work stitch after stitch in a rhythm that calms me. And after a few rows, I can see that my patience has paid off.

Helps you Sleep

We’ve all been there. You’re stressed, you’re worried, and you just can’t get your mind to shut off when your head hits the pillow. But crocheting actually encourages good sleep!

I’m serious! Just hear me out. The repetitive motion of moving your hook through yarn calms the mind and body to encourage relaxation. So next time you’re struggling with sleep, sit up and crochet for a half hour and then try again. It might just work!

Encourages Mindfulness

So often these days, we find ourselves focused on what could go wrong, the negative that the media loves to throw at us, and needing to know who has “liked” our pictures/post/etc. on any social media outlet.

This is an example of how our culture has discouraged a mindful approach to life. These superficial needs do not fill us up.

But when we crochet, we have deep thoughts of what is really important. Whether it be thinking about how much you love the person you are crocheting for or how proud you are of yourself for completing a project, it is encouraging mindfulness. What a gift!

Sense of Community

Even during times of isolation and quarantine, there is a great community of crocheters out there to cheer you on! Countless Facebook groups, inspiring Instagrams, and a great number of Pinterest pages to follow. The friends you make help give you a strong sense of community.

There are even more benefits to crocheting that aren’t listed here! If you have one that really sticks out to you, please comment below and share! I’d love to know how crocheting has been good for your mental health!

Until next time,

Happy Crocheting!

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