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How to Keep Your Yarn from Tangling in Storage

Hi crochet friend!

I have a big problem. A yarn collecting problem, to be exact. It’s so bad! I have at least 4 large boxes FILLED with yarn! And I forget that I have all of it (or so I say…), so I buy more. Can you relate?

Well, after years of just throwing yarn in these boxes, I decided it was time to unload it and organize it. And this is what I discovered:

ISN’T THIS AWFUL?!! It was one big tangled mess! I’m so ashamed. It took a lot for me to share that embarrassing photo. Please forgive me.

But I knew something had to change. I had to get organized. I had to make sure this never happened again. And then I figured it out: paperclips!!

My husband got a bunch of paperclips from a coworker, but he knew he couldn’t use them. He gave them to me, so I thought these might work to keep my yarn in order. And here is how I do it:

Using Paperclips to Keep Yarn from Tangling

Step 1: Slide the paperclip over the end of the yarn with the long side facing the end strand.

Step 2: Take end strand and slide through paperclip hole from above.

Step 3: Pull yarn through and slide under paperclip.

And there you have it: Yarn that won’t untangle in storage! YAY!

This has seriously made my organization so much better and so much easier.

Watch this for the video tutorial!

I hope you found this little tip helpful. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more quick tips.

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