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How to Crochet the Falling Leaves Cluster Stitch

Hi crochet friend!

It’s been so long since I’ve done a blog post. I promise my reasons are good, really! My newborn had colic and my toddlers decided this was the time to be absolutely self destructive. So now that things have mostly calmed down, I’m back with a fun stitch tutorial!

The Falling Leaves Cluster Stitch is a very beginner friendly stitch pattern that uses single and double crochets to make a gorgeous texture. I love this stitch pattern so much, I’m trying to hold myself back from designing too many things that use it!

Next Friday, I’ll be releasing my Falling Leaves Baby Bonnet, and it incorporates the Falling Leaves Cluster Stitch, so I figured it’d be a good idea to do a quick video and written tutorial on how to do this super simple stitch pattern.

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This stitch pattern requires chains in multiples of 3 + 2. So, let’s say you want 5 clusters, you’ll multiply 5 by 3, which is 15, then add 2. That makes 17. So you start with 17 chains.

Check out the video and written tutorial below.

Falling Leaves Cluster Stitch

Materials used:

4.5mm (7) crochet hook

Medium weight yarn: Yarn Bee Soft Stitch Yarn

Written Tutorial:

Chain 17,

Row 1: [sc, 2dc] in 2nd ch from hook, sk 2, *[sc, 2dc], sk 2* 4x, sc in last ch, turn.

Rows 2-4: ch 1, [sc, 2dc] in same st, sk 2, *[sc, 2dc], sk 2* 4x, sc in last st, turn.

And that’s it! Isn’t it so easy? Now, go ahead and practice this stitch pattern and make sure you’re signed up for the Cute & Cozy Crochet Newsletter, so you will be the first to hear about the Falling Leaves Baby Bonnet!

Happy Crocheting!

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