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Jacques-O-Lantern Rag Doll | Free Crochet Pattern | Amigurumi | Stuffed Animal | Children's Crochet | Halloween | Fall | Autumn | Crafter's Secret | Red Heart With Love | I Love This Yarn! | Hobby Lobby


It's less than 2 weeks until Halloween, so I think it's time I shared the Halloween pattern that I have been planning since July. I originally had a Jack-o-Lantern pattern planned, but my silly husband had a better idea. He made a little joke and said that I should make a "Jacques-o-Lantern" instead. I thought…

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Plumberry Infinity Scarf | Cowl | Free Crochet Pattern | Winter | Easy | Simple | I Love This Chunky | Chunky Yarn | Quick Patterns | Beginner | Stylish Scarf | Women's Scarf | Soft

Plumberry Infinity Scarf

Yesterday my mom left to go back home. It was so hard to see her go after having her here since I got back from the hospital. She was so incredibly helpful and made my life 5,000 times easier, that's for sure! But here I go, back to reality. Transitioning from 2 to 3 kids really…

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Cozy Toddler Pullover | Free Crochet Pattern | Toddler Sweater | Pullover | Crochet Pattern | Hobby Lobby | I Love This Yarn! | Orchid | Cute & Cozy Crochet

Cozy Toddler Pullover

Ever since my 3 year old saw me making the Herringbone Baby Sweater, she has been asking me to crochet her a sweater. She even picked out the yarn that she wanted from my stash: Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn! in Orchid. I just love that little girl! So this week, after getting some rather…

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Herringbone Baby Sweater | Free Crochet Pattern | Baby Sweater | Double Crochet | Herringbone Double Crochet | Baby Pockets | Wooden Buttons | Baby Shower | Baby Gift | Crochet

Herringbone Baby Sweater

Well, here I am, still waiting for my sweet little bundle of joy to be born. I'm 38 weeks, so I technically have 2 weeks to go. So to pass the time, I decided to make an adorable (and super easy!) baby sweater. My favorite part: you can change sweater size simply by changing hook size! Super…

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Floret Crochet Mug Cozy | Free Crochet Pattern | Cup Cozy | Coffee | Warmer | Floret Stitch | Cute Button | Fun Stitches | Cute and Cozy Crochet | Crochet Patterns

Floret Crochet Mug Cozy

It's a gloomy and blustery day here in Minnesota, which always makes me want a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate. Maybe that's why I love days like these so much. Recently, since I'm expecting a baby in a few weeks, I have been drinking Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea . I love it!! It is…

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Baby Boy Blue Booties

Baby Boy Blue Booties

In the past few weeks I have made two baby boy patterns: Baby Boy Blue Blanket and Baby Boy Blue Beanie. Well, today is the day that I finish the set! Here are the Baby Boy Blue Booties! When I decided to make the Baby Boy Blue set, I had already decided from the get go…

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The Baby Boy Blue Beanie is a beginner crochet pattern perfect for any baby. It uses the cross double crochet stitch pattern and is worked in rounds. Free pattern comes in sizes from newborn to 1 year old.

Baby Boy Blue Beanie

After I made my Baby Boy Blue Blanket, I began thinking about what other things I'd like to make for my baby if it turns out we're having a boy. And since I want to have a baby set ready for either boy or girl, I thought my next pattern should be a baby boy…

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