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Baby Boy Blue Blanket

I've always loved seeing corner to corner crochet. C2C crochet has such a beautiful look to it. But I'll be honest, it intimidated me at first. But the more I looked into it, the more I realized that it is actually incredibly easy! You only need to know 3 stitches in order to make a C2C crochet…

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Lemon Peel Sandals

Lemon Peel Baby Sandals

Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves baby shoes and booties? Anytime I see a pair of newborn booties, I think about when my girls were so tiny and how I get so see tiny feet like those in just a few months. I fall to pieces. They are so cute! Well, since…

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Traditional Granny Square

Traditional Granny Square

The other day I was bored with all of my crochet projects. Not just bored, stressed! Nothing was working out the way I thought it should, and I was at the end of my rope. But instead of putting aside my hooks for awhile, I decided to go to the most traditional form of crochet: the…

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10 Last Minute Crochet Gifts for Mother’s Day

Are you a procrastinator like I am? I am sincerely the worst! Here it is, the Friday before Mother's day, and I have yet to make anything for either my mom or mother-in-law. Seriously...just terrible. Well, if you are like me, I'm here to save the day! Here are 10 really quick and super beautiful crochet patterns to make for Mom this Mother's Day:

10 Last Minute Crochet Gifts for Mother's Day

Chevron Zipper Pouch

This little zipper pouch by Whistle & Ivy is so incredibly cute! It is perfect for holding those little things that get lost at the bottom of your purse, so I guarantee this will be a total hit with Mom. Head to your nearest craft store for all the supplies and you should be able to whip this attractive pouch up in just an hour or two. Talk about perfect for last minute, right?!

Crochet Flowers on Canvas

Framing crochet isn't a very common thing, but you are definitely going to want to frame these beautiful flowers. This pattern by Repeat Crafter Me is perfect if you already have a bunch of scrap cotton yarn from making colorful dishcloths or scrubbies. All the supplies for this project can be found at Michael's. I love this pattern so much, I might have to make one for myself! It is sincerely beautiful.

Bobble Stitch Dish Scrubby Mitt

Bobble Stitch Dish Scrubbie MittFree Crochet Pattern! (1) Remember this pattern from a couple months ago? It takes about an hour to make and is so useful. Speaking as a mom, I love getting useful gifts. I get more excited about supplies for my kitchen than I do most games or movies! Just me? Well, check this one out anyway. I'm sure Mom would love it!

The Roxy Bag

Though this bag designed by Maria's Blue Crayon may take you more than just an hour, it is so cute! I love how the colors accent one another. And it's made with my absolute favorite yarn: I Love This Cotton! So, all you have to do is head over to your local Hobby Lobby, grab your yarn, and get working! The simple stitch pattern will be so fun and become second nature after just a couple rows. Trust me, you'll want to buy more yarn to make it for yourself, too.

Crochet Face Scrubbies

Spa kits are really nice gifts for stressed out moms. Make these quick and easy face scrubbies, buy some nice body wash and lotion, add a little nail polish, and you've got a nice and relaxing evening designed for mom. If you gather them all together, you can even put them in the next crochet gift idea:

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Spring Lavender Dish Cloth | Free Crochet Pattern | Dishcloth | Lemon Peel Stitch

Spring Lavender Dish Cloth

The Spring Lavender Dish Cloth pattern was a must for me. I needed more dish cloths. When you are forced to wash all your dishes by hand, you need plenty of dish cloths. I am no exception to this rule. If you've been following my blog, you know that about a month ago, I moved. We are so…

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