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Merry & Bright Dishcloth | Free Crochet Pattern | Christmas Crochet | Half Double Crochet | Easy Pattern | Easy Crochet | Beginner Crochet | Beginner Pattern | Christmas Gift | Housewarming | Homemaking | Home Making | Dishes | Cleaning | DIY | Do It Yourself

Merry & Bright Dishcloth

I have been running low on dishcloths again. Don't know why...but it's happening. And since Christmas is on it's way, I thought I'd buy some cheap and festive cotton yarn from Walmart and make one. If you do any shopping at Walmart like I do, you MUST check out their yarn. They have awesome brands for…

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Granny Stocking Ornament | Free Crochet Pattern | Granny Square | Christmas | Holiday | Ornament | Presents | Gift | Grandma | Beginner | Easy

Granny Stocking Ornament

Growing up, we had tons of different types of ornaments on our Christmas tree. Some of my favorites were the ones my Grandma made for us. This is just one of the many different kinds she made. The Granny Stocking Ornament is made using granny stitches. It is basically a granny square folded in half to…

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